2015-11-23 发布人:系统管理员

Founded in 1999, Huayu Private Middle School is a high-end junior high school, the first established base institution for Shanghai High School. In 2010, the new campus of Huayurelocated to No.99, Longyin Road in Xuhui District, covering an area of 42 acres and 33 thousand square metres. With its elegant atmosphere and grand school buildings, all the hardware facilities are first-class, especiallythe laboratories and micro classrooms. The campus has 32 teaching classes and welcomes any and all outstanding students from all over Shanghai.

Adhering to the school’s concept of “putting moral education first, educating students in accordance with their aptitude, comprehensive and personality development,”Huayu Middle School emphasizes comprehensive and balanced development of students. In regards to teachingpractices, the systematic and modern course offerings explore practical methods in order to improve students’ learning ability and stimulate their potential. In this way, Huayu Middle School has formed five organic teaching parts including basic&development courses, learning ability cultivation, potential stimulation, school-based textbook development, lecture series and stages for innovation. All promote students’ overall development, implement teaching effectiveness, and prioritize moral education.

Based on elite education and educational tradition inherited from Shanghai High School, Huayu Middle School has made steady progress to eventually be ranked first in terms of high school entrance examination scores in Shanghai, with demonstrative high school enrollment rates of over 95% and admission ratesfrom Shanghai High School of over 50%. Moreover, Huayu Middle School students excel in competitions of various disciplines. Students won six gold medals in the International Mathematical Olympiad, and in 2015they won fifth prize in the High School Mathematics competition. Additionally, Huayu Middle Schoolhas won first prize in the High School Information Olympic League for three consecutive years, as well as first prize in the Tianyuan Cup Chemistry competitions. In science English competition, Huayu studentshave remainednumber onein Shanghai for seven years running. What’s more, in the Datong Physics Competition, over half of the first-prize winners camefrom Huayu Middle School. Regarding athletics, the Huayutennis team ranked first in the National Middle School Table Tennis Championships in 2014...

Due to the flexible school system and advanced educational philosophy, Huayu Middle School has attracted a large number of highly qualified teachers from Fudan University and East China Normal University. Knowledgeable, competitive, and dedicated to teaching and research, all the teachers can boast solid teaching skills in various subjects, and the schoolcontinues to cultivate vibrant, competitive, and outstanding young teachers of such a high caliber.

While striving for educational reform and innovation, Huayu Middle School has been sharing its educational resources with Zi Yang public middle school in Huajing Town since September2012, which contributes greatly to curriculum reform, class teaching, moral education, and scientific research innovation in the Huajing Community.

Under the leadership of our Chairman of Board, Tang Shengchang, and Principal Li Ying, all the students and teachers atHuayu Middle School are heading in joint effort toward a brighter future.

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